That other grass that’s greener

29 03 2012

It is hard not to look at your current circumstances and always want better….or is it? Is this a fatal flaw in some of us that drives us to burn ourselves out? Is it the need to have more or something better all the time? What causes us to look at others and wish we had their lives, and not understand those who are happy the way they are or that have no drive? How is it possible some people can be completely happy living check to check with no extra income to get out and see the world or do nice things or to settle? Is this a flaw I have to want more, to want better, to get to the next level ad live THAT life? Is it that they have a flaw to just be ok getting by on what comes their way and believing that if they are meant to have more it will be given to them and if not then this is their life?




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