Isn’t it time?

4 04 2012

You will find me not to be a Google juice drinker. The bigger a company gets “owning” information that is user submitted or should be considered public and free to access by changing aglo-rhythms and the way in which we find and access that information just makes me distrust them even more. Add to that the fact that they build an industry around it then try have a monopoly on that information and the money made from it means they should be trusteed even less.

I have been in the Search and PPC industry for 10+ years now. I have watched as Google tries to squash the long tail and control all searches and how information is accessed by changing it’s alto-rhythms, analytics standards, grading criteria and more all in a way to control the industry as a whole. They do it under the guise of improving the “user experience” while hoodwinking advertisers into believing Google analytics is objective and fair when it comes to grading traffic and traffic sources.

For the record, I believe that anyone that is supplying the data, should not have a vested interest in the industry in which it is reporting on. I worked for Gartner for four years and still believe that in order for data to be effective in predicting trends and supplying businesses with insight it should be impartial and free from any outside influences. I have been called cynical for believing Gartners data was always impartial and free of influence and maybe I am. But I have seen what bad data has done to the PPC industry and advertising in general. I have also watched what it did to the broadcast industry and how money and influence controlled who was at the top of the ratings and thereby able to make more money by raising their ad cards.

If this industry is ever going to move forward we should treat Google as they are, a search engine and advertising company in part who is directly involved in PPC, display and many other kids of advertising and seeks to control that industry by controlling the data that is used to determine effectiveness and ROI to their advantage so they can gain a monopoly on the industry it is involved in.

Google has proven it will do anything and everything to control the information and content we access on a daily basis while also controlling the revenue that can be made from the access to this information. Look at what is has done with having a member of their executive team on the board of Apple, Inc. and being privy to corporate information that should have been part of a non-disclosure, non-compete agreement that went along with being on that board. Nothing is sacred to Google and this includes your source of income, your privacy or your data and copyrighted material. It is all up for grabs to Google to find a way to contain and control it.

In the end we must remember with Google controlling the scoring data and traffic analysis that advertisers and those in the industry use “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”





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