What would it take?

22 04 2012

Most of have a list of things we would do if……….

If I had enough money I would……  If I felt better I would……..  If I could lose this weight I would……… and the list goes on for some. I learned a hard lesson soon after my recent divorce that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think about it. There are some of these “I would if” lessons I would not have even tried had my back not been against the wall and I was basically left with no other option. I had hit “rock bottom” I thought. I had nothing left to do but to “let go and let God”. Starting a business is one of those.  have kids and responsibilities and what am I going to do I thought. The opportunity presented itself and I went for it. I would never have done it when I was married because the “Ex” would never have backed me or had the faith in me to let me take that leap. Bt there were no other options and no one to tell me know at that point. Here I am three years later with two PPC Ad Networks and a blog that are all part of my career now and arre paying the bills. No I’m not getting rich, but I am a little better off than just getting by most times now and that makes it all worth it.

So even though I often laughed at the phrase..”what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail” I learned that all depends on our mindset going in. If we have nothing to lose and everything to gain you can do nothing but succeed.


Get out there and get at it and chase that dream or start that business or do that diet….it’s time.




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