Data that’s not too complex.

30 04 2012

I recently read an article that said data should be delivered at different levels. My first reaction was that funny quizical face. Then I read further. Analytics data is too complex it says because it says because the average CMO, CEO, CIO isn’t wired to read the same things that come out of the reports because it contains data specific to each department in one report. So the data should be dissected and re-reported back to each department giving them only what is pertinent to their departments.

 There is only one glaring problem with this……the data is tainted to begin with. It won’t matter how much you dissect it, dumb it down or massage it if the data is bad or massaged to begin with. I rarely trust data that comes from a company with a vested interest in the industry it is reporting numbers on. Yet ad agencies and publishers have been doing it for some time now. Publishers, because it is the reporting method most agencies have adopted as gospel. So they are stuck taking their lumps and moving on in order to keep the advertisers coming back. This serves the purpose for only two masters. One would hope the numbers reported would be made to look better so as to support more traffic but actually less is more if you can get the CPC’s up to a respectable level then volumes of traffic are not needed.

Still the data is manipulated and no matter how much it is segmented or dumbed down it won’t add up no matter which department. ROI is impossible to achieve if the numbers are not true to begin with. 




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