What our music playlists can tell us about ourselves & others

4 05 2012

So there I am riding in my car with my iPhone on playing one of my many playlists through my car stereo when that little voice said “listen”. I thought I already was so it seemed odd. But like many it really was just background noise. What it meant was really listen. Get past the songs on there for the kids and look at what YOU add. Look at the titles, lyrics and Genre’s and think about what it tells you about yourself. 

I have been going through a tough time because business is down and I know why. I have been hit hard by chargebacks and late pays etc. and making a profit has been next to impossible. Being a Sole proprietor this mean everything left over keeps the lights on, gas in the tank, food on the table, and comfort as much as possible. I am not one to ask others to support me, nor am i good at even asking for help. So I have been struggling and it has been weighing on my mind. 

Apparently if I really looked this has also transferred to my playlist. Consider songs like Claptons “before you accuse me”, or Willie Nelson’s song “Worried Man” showing up. Keb Mo “soon as I get paid” is on there too. There are a few happier tunes like Simple Plans “summer Paradise” which makes me think of summer and my impending wedding. But that is soon followed by Jimmy Buffett “money to burn” or “I will play for gumbo” or “Gypsy’s in the Palace”. 

So it occured to me to ask if this happens with anyone else. I bet if we all take a good look we will realize we all gravitate towards music that “soothes the soul” or speaks to what we are going through in life. Now If I can just figure out why I Like Dave Matthew’s Band’s “CornBread” so much this may all make sense.

Take time to “listen”and see if this is true for you and let me know.Image




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