The Zombie Apocalypse has already happened

27 05 2012

It doesn’t look like what we all thought it would look like or Hollywood portrays it as…..but the zombie apocalypse is already here. No flesh missing, half dead humans roaming the earth in this apocalypse. No, the apocalypse we are witnessing is fully alive yet unaware human beings. They come in all ages, sizes demographics and ethnicities. Follow me on this…….we have generations of humans that cannot function without daily reliance on electronic devices. People who cannot remember loved ones phone numbers if their laptop and cell phone were to crash simultaneously (I am guilty here but if I can get to an Apple store or Best Buy, etc. think I will be ok). I chuckle as I type this out on my MacBook Air and pray this does not crash as I am typing it because I couldn’t remember what I just typed.

We lack human interaction these days. Everything in our lives is connected somehow to a database somewhere (probably owned and indexed by either the Government of Google). Without it we are glazed over fumbling zombies who can’t remember loved ones addresses, phone numbers or other important information about ourselves and possibly even our children. Speaking of our children, if you want to see the zombie apocalypse in action observe their faces while they have their headphones in drowning out the world, or are parked in front of facebook ignoring all that goes on around them.You may have already experienced this when there is a knock at the front door (yes this still happens at some households) and there is no visible reaction from anyone in the house and they later claim they never heard anything.Now tell them you will be taking away all electronics in the house for one week and begin by putting the xBox, PlayStation, PSP, Nintendo DS, iPhone, Laptop etc. in your closet to ensure there is no cheating. To fully appreciate how they feel and in fairness, do this to yourself as well.
Now sit back and watch how they react. My guess is there will be screaming, yelling, maybe even tears involved. A whole week without TV, Video games or being connected to their friends through Facebook or texting or skype, facetime or other method will cause severe withdrawal symptoms. While this is interacting with other humans it seems only to be a superficial type of connection. It is much easier to turn off a device, or de-friend someone when they make you upset than it is to walk away during a real conversation. Shutting the world or other humans off seems to be the latest way to avoid responsibility for ones actions or confrontation. That glazed over look is a sign the Zombies are here and they may very well be us. What is even more scary is the “What if”in this scenario. Now that our lives are connected, our data is out there, our kids are all but spoon fed everything through electronic means….what if that is all being controlled and manipulated? Maybe it’s not a “what if” scenario.

I have a hypothesis about this. If you look at the studies the LEAST connected group of humans is the 1% we all complain about. They watch very little TV, they listen to very little pop  or mainstream music, and they are the least connected to pop culture or entertainment media. Why? Possibly because they are too busy controlling it and telling the other 99% what we need. This controls the markets and ensure wealth for them for years to come. This is why things change very little. Extraordinary ideas and breakthrough findings are kept out of the spotlight of popular culture and mass media. Make any assumptions you want. 

Many will ask then how did breakthrough products like the iPad & iPhone make it to the market? Because they were a way to deliver more media and get more information from us while getting us more hooked on the delivery of this method. We resist when ever ID chips, cards etc. that could lead to us being tracked are introduced, so what if they create a device no one thinks they can live without, that allows us to feel more connected, while still allowing them to get more information on us and track us at the same time and ……..instead of having to force us to have them we pay large sums of money to get them and keep them running.

The good news is unlike the dawn of the living dead we can possibly reverse this damage and save ourselves. In the process we might even be able to make some progress, get half of all American households off some kind of government welfare and change the ratio from 99% vs 1% to something more like the wealth distribution we strive for though laws, and imposed taxes. If we can unplug and find products and services the other 1% need then we can begin to shift the world.




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