Interview with Performance Maketing Insider Follow up

28 06 2012

Interviews are a lot like arguments in that you think of all the good stuff to say or things you should have said AFTER the interview is over. Such is the case with my interview with Murray Newlands for Performance Marketing Insider titled “Stop Drinking The Google Cool Aid”. While the headline grabs attention because who wants to say anything against Google for fear of retaliation by the giant, it does get viewers to at least take a look and for that I am grateful. The rest was on me and while I hammered one of the main points it was not as eloquent and pre-prepared as I had hoped. My broadcasting background failed me there./p>

There are some points that I had hoped to make that unfortunately when the “camera” went on I went blank or forgot to segue way into. 

Yes, I do believe marketers rely too heavily on AdSense, but also AdWords and Bing as well. A well rounded campaign should first consider the goal then look at what is available. Most advertisers and affiliates will spend 30-40% more than they need to because they think Google, Yahoo, Bing are the only outlets to get traffic that is keyword specific and completely focussed. That is Myth #1, when actually all search traffic is keyword based and most networks have relevant traffic to go with those keywords. Consider if you are branding the number of eyes you will reach with those channels. If you are looking for a wide birth it is certainly a good idea to choose a number of channels to run your ads on and have them run on. Social media channels, tier two and three ad networks and e-mail and other outlets offer a wider variety of audience and may often times be less expensive. The traffic should be filtered and know offenders blacklists should be in place to make sure the traffic you get is adequately controlled and of good quality so the only difference is the cost of the click on a CPC basis.

Next is the data that advertisers and affiliates use as the industry standard. If I sold cars for instance and my brand was DeLorean (I had to bring them back) do you think I would want you to see the data showing Hummers are more fuel efficient? Most likely I would skew the data to show how the car I sell has better numbers than the Hummer on every front and bury fuel efficiency date somewhere that made it seem unimportant. Or I would inflate and unimportant number to make it seem important so that it shed a better light on my numbers. You get the idea. Data might as well be Play-Doh, as it can be molded to take any shape the supplier wants it to……now look at your analytics. Have you ever called the advertisers they supply or the traffic partners to confirm the data with their side? Many times we find it doesn’t match and then demand they make it match. What if……the data is wrong or manipulated? I have spoken to several in this industry who have asked the questions of their partners and the advertisers supplied and found just that. The numbers were massaged to earn one side or the other more money (remember there are three sides, advertiser, publisher and ad supplier) When you look at the triangle and notice the ad supplier and analytics supplier are both the same you can see how unevenly weighted the triangle is.

Last I would remind affiliates you have rights. When you ask the questions and find that maybe your traffic was better converting than you were told or of better quality and the advertisers didn’t really have any complaints get it in “writing”. It is easier to fight chargebacks when you have in writing the fact that the advertisers themselves had no issue with the traffic. No matter how big this is difficult for networks to deny. It’s your money and your living so you should be in control if you earned it.

We need to start looking outside the box again and get over being lazy. The truth is out there.Image





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