Solutions……but nobody asks me

18 07 2012

Over my 10+ years in the internet industry and then an additional 5+ years in media and broadcast media I have seen incredible change. I have watched companies I thought would be around forever fail to innovate and change and disappear. I have seen companies I never heard of suddenly become what seemed to be overnight successes. What made the difference? They all solved a problem for a large group of people. Google – seemingly made search easier in the beginning, Yahoo – provided search results and branded content that was compelling. Apple – though not an overnight success became an innovator beyond comparison.While some will debate whether some of their ideas were original, no one can argue when they did do something “it just works”. There are more we could discuss but you get the idea.

So in looking at these companies as examples I have been looking at what some of the struggles we are facing lately are and how to solve them. I have solutions for some of them….but then no one asks me. Here are some of the things I think make great opportunities right now. Some of which I have solutions for…..some I’m still thinking about in my spare time.

Local Advertising – Still a huge money pit and rat hole to chase down. Because it is so fragmented and the opportunity really has to be understood at a Local level it takes resources and money to be able to focus on where the real opportunity lies.This I know about after working for a free WIFI startup that tried and failed to roll out local advertising for their hot spots. I think I have the solution to this and it doesn’t require a huge sales force and can be rolled out locally, nationwide.

In App advertising – Apple and iAd have been racking their brains over this since the beginning. THIS I know a little about since since I own three PPC AdNetworks. While I’ll wait for Tim to reach out to me let’s just say I think I have the solution. Will Apple like it? It’s hard to say.

Information Overload – We get bombarded by so much information every day that we need to weed through just to get to what it is that we feel is important to us. While I get e-mails and updates and alerts from hundreds of sources I probably delete 80% of them. This is where the niche portals are able to live and make a living right now. But I see targeted content coming soon.

Old Business mentality – When as a nation will we embrace technology and quit settling for the best talent closest to the office we want them to work out of. Relocation? Really? Why has this word not been abolished from the job search vocabulary yet? The only way your company will become the best it can be is if you hire the best people available for the job, no matter where they reside. They live there for a reason most of them Some will be willing to relocate if the location of the office is interesting and comfortable. But I would much rather have an employee that is happy in their work environment and productive then make them commute every day just because we have a need to babysit them and watch over their shoulder. Here’s a clue……if you need to do that….they are NOT the right person for the job.

Motivation – When will we stop putting things off only until we are forced to do them? I am so guilty of this myself but thankfully have crossed over. I hear from so many people that are so jealous I work from home and have my own business. I can’t help but look at them puzzled. There are millions of opportunities out there to start a home based business these days for little or no money. But most people won’t do it until they don’t know where their next check is coming from. Why is Anthony Robbins so rich and so many of his attendees such failures? Because people don’t act on his teachings unless they are at the point they have nothing left. Tony has spent countless hours and dollars trying to figure out how to motivate people to act. I swear if the government put something in to place that would pay people to start businesses(match their current salaries for the first three years of starting a business) instead of floating failures, this country would be in an era of innovation like no one has ever seen.

These are just some of the ideas I have. There are more, specifically in businesses to start from home. But then, no one asks me.




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