Cracking the local “code”.

11 09 2012

For years I have been working with companies who have tried to crack the secret of local marketing. With Smart Aim in the late 90’s it was through teaming up with the local mall and Simon Properties to get retailers to advertise merchandise and specials and promotions on out ISP (Internet Service Provider) network. It was back in the days of Dial up and was a hard sell since a Digital budget was something most had not thought of let alone set aside. But still we were able to discuss the coming need and educate retailers on what I am sure they now consider to be 101 type of information.

Most recently I worked for a free WiFi provider that wanted to crack the local market and offer free WiFi through local coffee shops, camping grounds and just about anywhere that was willing to put on of their routers into their location and pay for the connection. The model was simple, they would own the top of the browser and run ads and the shop got a percentage of the revenue made in exchange for offering the WiFi to their customers. It seemed like a win/win for everyone. But there was reluctance on the part of shop owners and advertisers that no one expected. Security concerns, additional cost for bandwidth etc. all made what should have been a short sales cycle much longer.

Many local companies today are still looking for a way to reach their local customers. even in a city like I live now though local can mean a variety of things. Business here is very seasonal. So businesses often like to also do some national and international advertising for those folks traveling to and staying in the area. but how do you pin point those travelers and seasonal locals?

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but many local businesses barely have time for the details like day to day operations, finance and customer satisfaction not to mention the other fires to put out. Then to add the learning curve of digital branding and local marketing (is there such a thing) on top of building loyalty clubs?

For those hoping to get a handle on all of this we will begin offering a service soon called The name has two meanings really. It is a way for small and local businesses to take up residence on the web and reach out to people in their local markets through a full service, one stop shop, that takes care of everything from social marketing, to blogs, and loyalty building, with their current customers. All in a way that customers and businesses can relay on. The second meaning is in the Residence, meaning a local connection for local people in specific markets who work and live in the area. So they know the nuances of the market and can make marketing and branding suggestions based on the clientele and people who call the area home, whether it is full time or just a few months out of the year in some markets. Think of it this way, ever think when walking through a national retailer how you are glad you don’t have to try to sell down filled jackets in Key West?

Keep watching this blog as we get ready to launch our service and find out more about how you can get involved and maybe even franchise with us in your local market.




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11 09 2012
Cracking the local “code”. « bryangiss

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