What if?

26 09 2012

As a business owner and entrepreneur I almost constantly feel over whelmed. There is always something I should be doing and taking time for that I can’t possibly fit into my schedule and maintain any type of life balance with my wife and kids. The business is like that bratty needy kid who is always begging for attention and I want to make it happy, but like every other parent I am tired and want to just take a moment and decompress.I know there is the building and farming, the networking, marketing, then the numbers, optimizing, rebuilding after optimizing, pruning of the 80/20, then the finances and collections and payments and book keeping only to start the cycle all over again. Spend too much time in one area and others fall apart. Totally neglect one area and it’s like running on a flat tire. The steady “kathump” noise will drive you crazy. I am also one who has a hard time delegating though. If my reputation is on the line I don’t take failure lightly. I also know unless you feel like it’s “yours” most employees are happy to just collect a check. My patience wears thin when it comes to that. I guess I am a typical Type A high strung overly motivated self employed type in some respects. 

So when I get out and get a chance to speak to business owners I am amazed by the quizzical looks I get when I ask how social media is working for them. In the area I am in, most are happy to use the yellow pages and “those little coupon books that they send in the mail and newspaper”. I love asking “how’s that working for you?” I get a lot of “ok”, “pretty good”, “Not bad” and the occasional “Awesome, we had x customers come in coupon in hand and try us out”. I like to follow with “how many were repeat customers?” Most don’t know. Some know the “regulars” and can tell when they come back and use the coupons, but as far as measuring the success of the coupon flood they have to go to the books and see how many were used vs what they paid and were told were sent out. Then see if they made money on the campaign. Not many know right off the bat. 

I like to follow with asking them if they get any information on the “new” customers they have acquired. This is when it hits them. This is a constant process with little or no quantitative data to speak of about what they have accomplished with the campaign. “What if………” I like to ask, “you could actually engage customers? Interact with them? Invite them back? Reach out to others in the neighborhood and local area who are like the customers you already have? Do you know if anyone has tried to look you up online in places other than your website like Facebook or twitter or LinkedIn or Pintrest? Do you share free information with your customers about your products and how they can help change their lives or spark interest in something you offer?” By now the eyes have glazed over and I am satisfied they feel as over whelmed as I usually do. 

That is when I like to ask “what if there was a service out there where all you have to do is tell them ‘I’d like to…….this month’ and they would put together the campaign to math what you are doing already online on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest and even create a blog for you, help you reach out to your Fans/customers and even invite new ones so you can build your business, interact with customers and build brand loyalty?” In an area where roughly 70% of the residents leave for four or five months out of the year, bringing them back and keeping them engaged in what is going on back at their winter home would be huge you would think. Sadly most don’t think of this or have time to because of the other aspects of being in business. THIS is where SocialResidence.com comes in. We do that. Better yet, when we do it right we not only pay for services in new and returning business, but we build your business enough that it becomes indispensable and part of your marketing plan to the point you no longer wonder what those coupons and facebook and twitter posts and ads are doing for you. You know by the database of customers you have on your fan page and figures on the bottom line. Not only that but you know who is here in season and out of season and can gear your marketing accordingly. 

I know not every market has in season and out of season customers, so that part won’t apply. But are you building loyalty with your current customers? Are you adding new ones from their comments about what they like about what you do? Are they sharing information with their friends that you offer up about your products, specials, and events?

If you aren’t doing this, or worse never even considered it, the time is now. contact us to find out how we can help you use social marketing to engage your customers. bryangiss@gmail.com and at facebook.com/socialresidence.com or at social residence.com




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26 09 2012
What if? « bryangiss

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