Most will never do it until they have to….Why?

3 10 2012

A little over three years ago I thought I had hit rock bottom. My Marriage was falling apart, I was afraid I would lose my kids, financially I was broke, and I was most likely going to lose my job because of the stress and strain I was under that was taking me out of “the game” both mentally and physically. I spent the next three years on a roller coaster called life that had so many ups and downs it would be impossible to describe here. It is the kind of experience that when you look back it was the worst of times and I would not wish it on anyone……But……it was also a time of amazing growth for me personally that I now realize would likely not have happened had I not had to.

I learned a lot those three years. I learned you find out who your friends are really quick, the only person really watching your back is you, now matter how low you are there will always be someone who will try to take advantage of you and try to take what little you have left, if you don’t have any self respect it will make rock bottom seem much lower, but more importantly I learned I can be alone and be ok…even come to enjoy the quiet, no matter how bad it gets I will still find the strength to get through it, but more importantly I may never know how much strength I really have…..yet.

That last point is important. It is because I found strength that even I didn’t know I had, that i started my own business. It is that strength that told me to stand up for myself and go out on my own and create my own opportunities, that I am good enough to do this, that yes I will stumble, make mistakes or even worse disappoint people or even fail and that that is ok. It might even be important to do so.You see I am one of those that HATES to disappoint myself or others and will work myself into the ground to make sure it doesn’t happen.This never would have happened had the other pieces not fallen into place. I was in a marriage where taking chances was not something that would have been supported. You just didn’t gamble with the families future or takes risks to try to better your life. Take the safe route, the 9to 5 route where you could say you have a “real” job. Working from home was not real and it certainly didn’t look like a job.

Once I overcame that the possibilities were endless. Was I scared? Hell yes I was scared. No “real” job or money in the bank. Nothing I did would generate immediate income. Everything was at least 30-45 days out. But I got some offers and took a chance on one of them and that has carried me for the last three and a half years.I won’t lie and say it is easy or that it is easy now. The point is you have to DO IT in order to succeed or fail. No on ever died from failing. They learn lessons and correct and keep moving forward and try again. But you will NEVER learn or succeeed until you at least try and move forward.




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