Steps Apple could take to become Super Apple and why

3 12 2012

In watching the markets and business play out there are a few things I am seeing that if looked at like a puzzle just seem like pieces that fit. My disclaimer is I am not a numbers guy by any stretch, I do not have the inside information that the guys / ladies at the top have, nor have a I done any really in depth look at anyones books. But I do know a thing or two about strategy, and I do know a little about trends and what would seem to be smart moves to either expand an opportunity or solidify a position or opportunity and weigh the scales in a companies favor.

Take Apple for instance. There are three moves I believe Apple could make that would turn it to SUPRE Apple and make it a bigger Giant than it already is. First the unknown, Samsung. They are a pesky little bugger who has no rules on their own turf. They are hard to fight because frankly the Korean government does not care about patents or copyrights or fair play in business and most see the patents and copyright system currently in the US as a joke. So with that a healthy cash on hand position is a good thing because lawsuits abound and can bankrupt a company quickly just in legal fees. I have seen this first hand with a company I had as a client at Gartner.They were a large JAvascript company that was sued into oblivion with frivolous lawsuits by a competitor.

But if we take that out of the equation and set aside enough cash to cover that and to allow Apple to continue to build factories and staff them to create their own components for the iMacs, iPhones, iPods and iPads they sell. Then we get to the meat of how Apple can grow and take on business that can really help them dominate a number of markets within their ecosystem as they tend to want to do.

First I have written about how Apple should buy Disney. Content, Digital, Apps, digital content, media, media libraries, development and more are all part of the gain for Apple here. Imagine the vast library that Apple could own that each time someone bought a Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar title it would go back into Apple’s pocket. Add to that the licensing and cross promotion opportunities, and feel good aspect of Pixar “coming back home”. The combine the creative talents of Sir Jonny Ives and John Lassiter. That would be just the TIP of that iceberg. It is a cash cow waiting to be milked.

Next and bear with me here…..Apple needs to buy Yahoo!. I hear the moans and suspect I lost a few of you here. But there are three very important things that would come with this deal. The first is search and advertising to prop up iAds and solidify it’s HTML5 position. By taking Yahoo! to this level and converting it to HTML5 along with it’s ad units and content this would go a long way to weigh the scales more in HTML 5’s direction. Programmers are the weak spot here but that is just a few hiring acquisitions away.
The second is the fact they get Marissa Meyer….why is this important? Because she is just one of a few links to helping them take down Google. Add her to the payroll and board and put Apple resources behind her and watch how fast Google quakes. This is not just a play for content, market dominance and creating your future though controlling the standard for web code and formatting. It is a strategic play as well.This gives them insight and the ability to explore the weak spot in Googles armor. Then of course there is also the ability to distance themselves even further from Microsoft. Win this area and it sets them as far superior to Microsoft by doing what they couldn’t with Bing!. Imagine the look on Balmers face.

Those two moves alone would distance Apple from any other company out there. They would own hardware, content, ecosystem, and their own supply chain all in one for the web and most of the component and entertainment industry.

There would be only one other market they could disrupt and it may or may not be worth it. There comes a point where you have to weigh if you can effectively manage it all and get it all working in concert together or not. That is a major downside. If the body does not work together the parts begin to fail. The upside is HUGE cash wise. Advertising costs drop (you own the outlets you advertise on not that Apple spends a lot anyways), most of the content you sell the profit goes back into your pocket and business units (free money), distribution costs drop, nearly everything is cheaper because you own a good portion of what you need….think self sustaining. Plus you have additional streams of income in the form of more content and higher ad revenue now, not to mentions a reason to build that Apple TV now.

The last great frontier would be gaming. One word says it all Nintendo. They have fallen behind and need a sugar daddy to come save them. One that is innovative, clever and knows what consumers want before they want it.They want a Wii U they can use and not have to be in the same room as the main gaming unit.They want to be able to take the game from the TV to the car to the grocery store or burger joint with mom and back without missing a level. Then when they get tired of that game they want to be able to use the free WiFi to play Minecraft on it until they decide to play Mario or Spore again. Apple is KILLING it with the App store and the number of games it offers. Not to mention the speed of it’s processors and ability to handle even the biggest resource hogs on a enjoyable level.Take on the gaming industry and you add one more way to dominate Microsoft and the content market and ecosystem. With the exclusive titles Nintendo has and the other games which use its format this would be a win in the gaming area.
There is one downside and that would be redundancy. Redundancy in the games that are already offered in an iOS format. But make these work with Mac so you could play multiplayer on hand held, set top or iMac, MacBook Pro etc. and kids everywhere can rejoice by gaming everywhere!

There you have it….a sort of what I would do if I were Tim Cook overview. Please feel free to give me your thoughts on this!




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3 12 2012
Steps Apple could take to become Super Apple and why « bryangiss

[…] Steps Apple could take to become Super Apple and why. […]

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